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Comprehensive anti-virus security solution for your Windows PC
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The Internet is an amazing invention and a great place, full of possibilities and wonders, but, as any good thing that doesn't come without a cost, it's also full of threats and perils. Your system, your data, and your privacy are constantly put at risk by viruses, malware, hackers, worms, trojans, scammers, spyware, keyloggers, and all kinds of other dangers. While a simple antivirus may not suffice to keep you protected against all possible threats, a complete security solution is often viewed as too crowded and overwhelmingly comprehensive. The good news is that that's not always the case. Dr.Web Security Space, for example, is a powerful security suite that protects against any kind of threats yet it's not too crowded, difficult to use, or a big spender of the computer's resources. On the contrary, it's quite easy to use, straightforward, and smooth-running despite the fact that it comes packed with an impressive number of additional features and options.

Dr.Web Security Space is a suite of powerful protection components that ensures that your data and your privacy are safe. It includes a classical antivirus that not only blocks infections but can also cure existing ones. The embedded antivirus also impresses with its very fast scanning speed. Furthermore, it's highly reliable and efficient: even the infamous rootkits can be detected and eliminated using the built-in Dr.Web Shield anti-rootkit technology, and the latest version provides enhanced protection against nefarious attacks involving zero-day exploits. Last but not least, the SpIDer Guard® file monitor keeps a close eye on your system and on all the files, at all the times, to add a welcomed layer of real-time protection for your data.

Another component of Dr.Web Security Space is the accurate anti-spam function that protects your email inbox against unwanted messages or potential threats. Supporting encrypted SSL connections and all the popular mail protocols (SMTP, POP3, NNTP, IMAP), Dr.Web Security Space's antispam feature ensures that your mails remain private and safe. The anti-botnet function and effective filtering technologies will make sure that scary terms like phishing, pharming, or scamming will never concern you.

Dr.Web Security Space also includes a powerful HTTP monitor that protects you against phishing web pages and other dangerous websites. As any respectable security solution, Dr.Web Security Space also comes with a handy firewall and with a smart parental control feature. I also like a lot its innovative data loss prevention feature that creates backup copies of your files to protect them against serious threats like encryption-based malware.

As you can see, Dr.Web Security Space is indeed comprehensive, as it's a security tool that leaves no kind of danger or threat out of sight and not taken into consideration. Even though it's extremely powerful and feature-rich, using it is not complicated at all, as all its interfaces and menus are intuitive and straightforward. Even beginners will be able to set it up and enjoy its benefits without any trouble.

Unlike other similar security solutions that considerably affect the performance of your computer while running, Dr.Web Security Space is unobtrusive and friendly with your system's resources. You won't even know it's running until it's truly needed.

Cutting long story short, Dr.Web Security Space is a security suite that leaves no room for complaint. In fact, it's a security tool so powerful and reliable that it sets the standards for any potential competitors. As for its users, it offers all the good reasons to leave nothing behind but satisfaction.

Margie Smeer
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  • Handy data loss prevention feature that creates backup copies of files
  • Powerful antispam function
  • Fast antivirus scanning speed
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reasonable price
  • Includes parental control feature and firewall


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